Rubber products and their roles in different industry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Rubber has been one of the first natural products to be used worldwide apart from wood, and there was a time when rubber plantations were extensive. People collected sap from the trees and then converted into rubber. Ask a rubber products supplier, and they would agree that while the production of natural may have decreased due to the advent of synthetic rubber, the former is still a choice for several.

There are several purposes that only natural rubber can serve, and there are multiple industries that make use of it. Here is a list of products and industries that it is used for.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry includes commercial aircraft, space ships, and engines of the aircraft, propulsion unit and any other mechanism involved in manufacturing them. While rubber is a non-slippery substance and is waterproof, it is something that aids as sealants. Being an insulator for heat and electricity, the aviation industry finds it to be the perfect match when it comes to the parts that constitute the structures that they manufacture. According to rubber products supplier, here are rubber products that the aviation industry uses – hydraulic actuators, cap seals, hose for engine lubricants, O rings for pumps, valves, oil reservoirs, etc.

Automobile Industry

This is one such industry where rubber comes around to be a savior in most parts that they manufacture. The door sealants, anti-vibration parts and a lot more are made up of rubber. Rubber products distributors agree that while it is something that resists heat and electricity, grease and chemical resistant, resistant to oil, has high tear strength and much more; it is something that comes around as one of the most important raw materials used for manufacturing automobiles and its parts. Rubber products as that of mats, tires, door sealants, hose, belts, seals, O rings, etc. are used in the automobile industry.

Printing and Paper Industry

When it comes to rolling out sheets of paper or probably printing something on paper, it is generally the rubber rollers and rubber molds that are used to create the imprints. Since they have a smooth and elastic feel to it, imprints, as well as paper making, becomes easy. Rubber products distributors say that apart from smoothening paper, rubber rollers are used to remove water from the paper mache and therefore to squeeze out the pulp to be later converted into sheets of paper as desired. Products as of rubber rollers, hose, rubber sheets, pads and much more are used by the printing and paper industry.

Textile Industry

For bringing out finish fabrics, rubber plays a very important role. Every machine that the cloth undergoes contains rubber in some way or the other. Rubber parts manufacturers state that whether it is the fabric printing frames or the pressure hose for spinning machinery, all of it has rubber while giving a smooth finish to the final product. Rubber rollers are used for textile printing, rubber coatings for screen coating application and much more. Products as that of waterproof clothing or footwear to protect one from the rain or any contaminating areas are made up of rubber.