B Class Hoardings In The Construction Site- An Informative Guide

b class hoarding sydney

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hoarding is a temporary yet solid structure used as the perimeter boundary. And it is an important part of any construction site. Hoardings are mainly used to protect and shield the site workers from the debris coming up from the nearby roads or from the view. Besides, hoarding also protects people from construction vehicles and construction work.

Among all the hoarding types used in the construction industry, the B class hoardings are an important part of the project. These hoardings don’t only permit the site managers to manage the building site in a better way, but these also limit access to unauthorized people. Besides, the barriers that are constructed around the outer parts of construction sites, restrict the effect that the construction site may have over the surrounding residences and on the environment.

B Class Hoardings Sydney

Here Are A Few Benefits of Installing Hoardings On The Construction Site:

  • For protecting materials and equipment from the thieves
  • For preventing accidental trespassing
  • For deterring the intruders from vandalism and theft
  • For meeting with the safety standards in the construction industry
  • For forbidding public access in the construction site

Importance of B Class Hoarding:

B class hoardings offer ultimate overhead protection to the pedestrians. These hoardings are often built over the footpaths for safeguarding people from the hazard of the items falling off the construction site. This is the reason why these hoardings are often designed to accommodate scaffolding, site sheds, high climbers or swinging stages.

Every deck on the B class hoardings is designed to the minimum strength of 10 kpa. This ensures that these hoardings can withstand the large construction tools or large debris, which can fall from the site. These hoardings are mainly constructed with Australian steel with QA certs and Mill certs available.

Types of B Class Hoardings:

1. Modular B Class Hoarding: This is one of the types of hoarding in Sydney that includes prefabricated panels of different widths and lengths. The panels of these hoardings also come with 5-6mm steel decks. These hoardings are mainly used for the areas like:

  • Sliding Gates
  • Vehicle Entrances
  • Pedestrian Lighting
  • Covers For The Shades
  • 2.4 High Front Fascia

2. Conventional B Class Hoardings: These hoardings are constructed of around 190 linear metres of steel/timber. Besides, these hoardings also include 6-metre sliding gates, night lighting, three stairway access and painting to the specifications of the council.

3. Apart from the above-mentioned types, there are also combined B class hoardings that are used widely in the construction sites. These have the following types:

  • Accommodation B Class Hoardings
  • A & B Class Hoardings
  • B Class & Laneway type Hoardings


So, if you are planning to get a more substantial structure of hoarding that can span a roadway or footpath and which can afford overhead protection to people, then B class hoardings are the best thing to choose. The best thing about this hoarding is that here a scaffolding can also be placed on the deck. And this can accommodate the site sheds.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]