Solar Power for commercial use vs. Solar Power for residential use

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whether it is a residential building or a commercial one, both use solar power for sustainable living. Preventing pollution and saving money on electricity bills are a few of the reasons why both these sectors use solar power. While homeowners receive subsidies on the purchase of solar panels and commercial organizations need a reputation to maintain, solar panels are in demand then and now.

While both may use solar energy for consumption, there is a difference when it comes to the installation and usage. Here is a quick comparison of both put down for easy reference.

The difference in the size of the panels

When it comes to residential solar panels, the size is smaller as there is less area to cover when power is generated. For commercial solar panels from the industrial solar power plant, the size is larger as there are a lot of resources to support especially machinery and electronic appliances. When you go out to buy a solar panel, you can easily recognize them by the size of it where residential ones are made up of 72 cells and commercial ones with 96 cells.

They sometimes differ with colour

Residential solar panels have the choice of black or white panels, and homeowners prefer the black ones in most cases. For the commercial panels from the industrial solar power plant, they are generally white in colour. All of these are no mandatory facts and rules, and there are times when there are different colour chosen depending on their preference.

The price doesn’t differ much

The price of solar panel from the residential solar power plant and a commercial panel doesn’t have much of a difference. They are priced almost the same. It is just that residential areas can suffice with a single panel whereas commercial areas may require several laid down for better energy production. Despite that, the number of panels doesn’t decide the price. The power that each of them contains is what decides the price.

The efficiency

When commercial solar panels are installed, there is a dedicated area to it where it is spread out and placed in a larger surface area. Residences do not have much of a space to dedicate where it could be a terrace or probably the garden area that is allotted for its installation. Also, commercial cells have more cells than the residential ones from the residential solar power plant, and that is the reason why the former produces more energy in less time.


Solar panels from the commercial solar power plant are generally hidden from the normal view of people, and therefore, the aesthetics are preserved well. Just because it helps us with power supply doesn’t mean it needs to be flaunted. Homes do not have such an option of dedicating a particular area for solar panels, and it is generally mounted on poles and placed in the garden for sun absorption.

It is always important for you to choose or purchase solar panels that are branded and come from names that have a good hold in the market. Anything going wrong anywhere comes with a guarantee of replacement or repair.