Survive In The Music Industry – The Factors Needed

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them”.

The famous quote by Louis Armstrong, one of the most influential figures in the world of jazz, stands tall in all aspects. With the growing competition in the field, it has become a challenge for the musicians to match their pace with the fast-changing likes of the thousands of listeners on the global platform.

What Make a Musician SUCCESSFUL?

Is it the only Talent? Or, is there anything else in common?

Well, according to the instructors and trainers at some of the top music institutes in Mumbai, besides the talent that these successful musicians have in them, there are several other things that remain common to all those who succeed in the field. With thousands of young enthusiasts training under the same banner, only a few of them thrive to survive in the industry.

Factors Affecting the Success of a Musician

The following are some of the essential elements or qualities that a musician must have in order to survive the music industry —


  • Have a GOAL, accept RESPONSIBILITY & take ACTION


Undoubtedly, talent plays a significant part in the success. However, it is the mindset, attitude, and practices that play a secondary role. For the artists who want to establish themselves in the field should always push themselves towards creating the career they have been striving for. According to the experts from the best music institute in India, there are certain things that remain beyond the control. However, that does not mean that the artist will go on lamenting for something that was not in control.

Therefore, as a progressive and ambitious artist, action should be taken for the best result.


  • Maintaining a Good Sense of Humour


Survival largely depends on how positively an artist makes mistakes. Since mistakes are inevitable; therefore, it is necessary to keep a light heart and think of the ways not to repeat them.

According to a renowned trainer from one of the reputed music institutes in Mumbai, an individual must have compassion for himself or herself when it comes to committing mistakes. It is how the person deals with the mess that matters at the end.


  • Always Keep the Learning Mode On


A successful person is the one who keeps all the doors of knowledge open. When it comes to music, it is a never endless subject where a musician is opened to learning even beyond the successful completion of sound engineering and music production courses. Always accept the truth that you are in a field that is in continuous progress.

In addition to this, another factor needed to survive in this music industry is to make sure you are not PERFECT. Nurturing the skills that the artist has learned to date is always going to be helpful in making the person competitive and #1 contender for surviving the music industry.


Believe in what you do. Make sure you release your confidence in being ‘perfectionist’. Remember, in the music industry, every day is a challenge, and only those survive who have the ability to fight the adversities and competition that prevails.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]