The Benefits of Cheap Inns At Mt Isa

cheap accommodation in Mt Isa QLD
cheap accommodation in Mt Isa QLD

There are some good reasons why the inns that provide cheap accommodation in Mt Isa QLD happen to be so popular in the first place. Obviously, the most important reason, in this case, is the fact that they offer you highly cheap accommodation unlike anywhere else in the area. However, it also needs to be said in this particular context that they are located rather conveniently with respect to the CBD (Central Business District) of Mt Isa. They are also located in the vicinity of the Village Shopping Centre over here as well that includes the likes of Coles, Specialty Stores, and Kmart.

It also helps that the inns that offer cheap accommodation in Mount Isa are close to all the leading tourist attractions in the area such as QLD Lookout and Outback @ Isa. These hotels and inns are normally close to the Greyhound Bus Station as well. They are also located pretty close to the Mt Isa Airport and Mt Isa Railway Station. All the major hotels and clubs in the area are also located pretty close to these inns. The top fast food outlets in the area such as McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, and Pizza Hut are located pretty close to these inns as well.

Kind of Accommodation

At the inns where you get cheap accommodation, you would be able to avail for both long and short term staying facilities. In fact, you can stay here with your kids if you want to as well. It helps that these rooms are well furnished, comfortable, clean, and quiet. In most cases, it is single rooms that you would get at these inns. They are equipped with facilities such as the following:

  • Single Beds
  • Plenty of space in drawers and closets
  • Full-size fridges
  • Digital flat screen TVs that have DVD (Digital Video Disc) players built in them
  • Tables and chairs
  • Split AC (air conditioners)
  • Free Wi-Fi

Facilities at These Inns

These inns, which specialize in cheap accommodation in Mount Isa, also offer a number of other facilities such as the following:

  • Clean Shared Bathrooms
  • Shared Full Kitchens
  • Barbecues
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Off Street Parking

Easy on the Pocket

These inns provide accommodation services that are sure to be within your budget. They cater to both women and men. You can also be sure that the rental policies of these inns are rather convenient when you compare them with other rental properties.


In the end, it can be said that inns that provide cheap accommodation in Mt Isa are not for all kinds of people. They provide simple and clean accommodation facilities that are intended mainly for the following kind of borders:

  • Contractors
  • Work Crews
  • Backpackers
  • Bus Passengers
  • Travellers

Thus, as you can see, they are meant mainly for people who just happen to pass through. In these inns, you would come across people who have stayed only for a night as well as ones who have sort of made them their home.