Ensure A Memorable Trip With Disneyland Hong Kong Package

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every child wants to see Disneyland once in a lifetime. One can imagine kids’ emotions when they stand next to their favourite cartoon character. In many cases, visiting Disneyland brings a kid out of parents. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland then hurry up and contact travel agents who offer hong kong tour package from Bangalore. Its a once in a lifetime moment for many families. That’s why we are giving you a list of attractions from Hong Kong Disneyland, so that, you can enjoy this tour to its fullest!

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Why not spend the night in one of the three Disney Hotels near the Park? you can slow down your tour and do it with a multiple days Disneyland visits with hong kong Disneyland package from Bangalore. The traditional Disneyland-style Victorian Hotel, the Hollywood Hotel in Tinseltown and a newly-opened Explorer’s Lodge are all available. In the corners–even on shampoo bottles–you’ll find Mickey and friends!

Disneyland water tour

Think the Disney trains are too mainstream? Disneyland Water Tour arrives in Disneyland in style with Star Ferry’s special chartered tour. The two-hour journey by Ferry leads you past the picturesque photographic views of Hong Kong Island. Travel agents at hong kong Disneyland package from Bangalore can provide you with more information about this water tour.

Inspiration Lake

One of Hong-Kong’s best-kept secrets still lies within a short 15-minute walk from Disneyland main park. The 12 hectares of the man-made lake offers a magnificent mountain view over Lantau Island, where a pedal boat can be rented with hong kong packages from Bangalore.

Mad Hatter Tea Cups

Without this signature Disney Ride, you can not go to Disneyland. Get ready to let your inner Mad Hatter go loose and turn your wheel furiously into a huge teacup. Enter the world of Alice in Wonderland and experience some of the insanity of the Mad Hatter Tea Party under an array of sounds, colours and lanterns.

Jedi Training: Temple Trials

This attraction is perfect for young children. Here, children have the chance, as part of a mini-performance, to hop in front of Darth Vader and to do Don Jedi robes complete with lighting sabs. Enrol in the Space Traders near Hyperspace Mountain in Tomorrowland at the beginning of the day. This destination offers limited seats. So, check availability with hong kong tour package from Bangalore!

Big Grizzly Mountain Mine Cars.

This is newly added fun–ride at Hong Kong Disneyland. Big Grizzly has lots of big twists, dips and dummy explosions, a spoiler alarm, surprise backward drops. Think about it as a mild version of Ocean Park’s Mine Train.

Iron Man Experience

Just like the franchise of the Star Wars, Disney is now Marvel’s proud parent, and this is the latest attraction: the Iron Man Experience. Put a pair of 3D glasses on board and experience with the metal-filled superhero flying around Hong Kong. Wait for lots of drops, quick movements and exciting sensory effects.

So, gather your family members and find a hong kong Disneyland package from Bangalore at the best price. Click pictures! Share your experience with friends.