Importance Of Traffic Control Equipment In Sydney

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Traffic control devices are used to guide, control and regulate traffic. The main reason for using this traffic control equipment is to gain attention from the people, and for helping them to take proper action like Go Slow, Take diversion boards. Traffic control devices are also used in all worksites and by road management workers.

High visible and reflective products are used as traffic control equipment. The commonly used traffic control products are barricade boards, barrier cone bar, and wands used for traffic control, reflector line class and fluoro tags which are reflective.

Based on the designed traffic control plan, the traffic control equipment is custom made for that particular work site. There are three main types of traffic control equipment. They are signs, signals, and markings.

The traffic signs are used to regulate traffic by communicating a message to the drivers or the people around the surroundings like speed limit, need to stop or give way for the site workers. Traffic signals are of three types regulatory, warning and information signs. Regulatory signs are used to inform the road users about the laws and regulation of that local council and the violation of signs is a legal offense. Warning signs are used to warn the hazard or risk condition. They are usually in triangle shape. Information signs are used to inform people about the distance or destination to make the travel easy and safe.

Traffic signals are used to control devices which direct the traffic to stop and start at an intersection. They are used to gain attention. Signals are used both for traffic control and also for the pedestrian signals. Traffic control signals have three colors that glow facing the traffic direction to inform the driver to stop or start. Pedestrian signals guide the pedestrian to crossroad during the walk period.

In Sydney, The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System manages the time of the signals based on the movement of vehicle in the lane with the help of sensors. Till now this system is installed in 42000 intersections in over 1800 cities in 40 countries. The operation of this system is at two levels, local and master. For local type the control is at roadside based on the vehicle. For master type they have a remote control for specific area. This type uses the information from the local type signals.

Road markings are lines, patterns, words or symbols drawn with bright colors in the work site or on the roadside. Some common types of road makings are pavement marking, kerb markings, object markings, and reflect unit marking. Kerb marking is used to indicate regulation of the local council like parking spaces. Object marking is used for physical obstruction on or near the roadside due to construction work or any other reason. Reflect unit markings are used as a hazard marking or guide marking for making the travel safe. This marking should be visible from a long distance.

There are many companies in Sydney for custom making traffic control equipment as per the traffic control plan.