Benefits Of Black Frameless Shower Screen

black frameless shower screen
Black Frameless Shower Screen

Thinking to install black frameless shower screen? In the want of making ones homes look outstanding, everyone is trying to do their best. But in most cases, the little bathroom of yours get forgotten or neglected. It does not get the decorative attention only for the most obvious reason for not having much use, apart from nature calls or having showers. The shower curtain sometimes becomes the biggest eyesore, as most of the time, it looks nasty. So a big improvement these days is replacing that shower curtain with shower screens. Frameless shower screens, especially the black ones, definitely have certain benefits

Shower screens look more attractive:

The black frameless shower screen is a great replacement for the old-style screen that you might be having in your bathroom. The old familiar metal framing, might not be that clear, as they are often textured or frosted. They either have a sliding door or they are basically hinged. But frameless shower screens are a lot better option as the glass is usually completely clear. It helps the light to come in the room. It also makes it look very trendy and it even accentuates the entire look of the bathroom, including the bathroom fixtures and tiles.

Easy to be cleaned:

The black frameless shower screen is a lot easier to be cleaned, compared to that of the old framed styles. The aluminum ones might have stains on them, with the passage of time, but the glass does not attract stains at all. You can just simply wipe them nicely with a wet rag, to keep it perfectly clean and shiny.

They are a lot better hygienically:

The metal frame ones, with the old-style screens, are required to be cleaned every day. If they aren’t, they are simply perfect for the breeding grounds of germs. But glass is definitely not a germ magnet as it has a non-porous surface which does not let germs or bacteria Harbour over it. You will never again have to think about musty odors, mildew, and mold. A black frameless shower screen is a great hygienic option.


When it comes to the term of repairs, the older style screens require a lot more repairs, as they eventually give out with time. A little maintenance is often required so that the doors run smoothly and properly. The durable glass doors and fittings also last for a long time. You will hardly require any maintenance to continuously worry about.

Contemporary Style:

These shower screens provide a modern look to your shower. It is the perfect choice for any kind of contemporary bathroom. The black ones are available in various textures and it blends with any style as they are basically frameless. Sliding and bi-fold doors can also be chosen to give it a complete look.

Maximizes light and space:

It improves the aesthetics by increasing the space and light in the room. Neither does it take a lot of space and nor does it blocks light. It also offers a clean look to it. The frameless ones make the bathroom look light and airy.