Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Installing Car Park Wheel Stops

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While on the road, the wheel stops work as the tool for preventing the wheels, on the other hand, in the car parking zones, these are used as a boundary for a vehicle. It designates the parking areas for the drivers so that they don’t accidentally breach in others’ spaces.

There are indeed many companies that promise to offer high-quality car park wheel stops, but you need to know about the factors that make the perfect wheel stop.

Here are some of those features you might need to pay attention to:- 

  • The wheel stops must ensure maximum visibility during both day and night.
  • The stops must be resistant to heat and oil
  • Those should be weatherproof, which means those should retain the quality in every weather condition.
  • The stops must not fade over time.
  • Finally, the stops must be backed up by a warranty from the manufacturer.

Among the most popular choices of car park wheel stops, the rubber-based stops and polyethylene made wheel stops are the best options. Along with the features, another factor you must consider is the places of installation. You must know exactly which areas you have to include the stops for better safety.

Take a look

  • In Front of a Store

Usually, a parking spot for the cars remains quite close to the storefront. And, if proper attention is not given, some major accidents can occur too. To make sure that every car is parked by keeping an appropriate distance from the walkways, you are meant to use the car park wheel stops.

  • Parking Zones Near Housing Areas

The same goes for the parking zones near housing or residential areas. Some areas are quite congested, and everybody has a car. To make sure that the drivers can get a proper clearance while moving or parking their vehicles, the car park wheel stops are used as a major help indeed.

  • Uneven and Sloppy Areas

Evidently, Australian roads are full of it. You certainly do not expect your vehicle to drop down the sloppy driveway. And, that’s why you need the wheel stops. Around the tourist spots or recreational purposes, the car parking stops are the must thing to have for keeping the spaces safe for each car,

What are the Benefits of Using Wheel Stops?

  • It offers maximum visibility even from a considerable distance
  • It is the most economical option to control the traffic situation
  • It is not a hassling job to install the wheel stops
  • Because of the environment-friendly material used in it, you can expect to get rid of rust, cracks, crumble and corrosion
  • The car park wheel stops are even the best choices for vehicles featuring a low front end

Final Words

To segregate the different areas of the parking facility, you will need to use wheel stops that are of different colours. The most preferred choices of colours are red, blue and yellow. Moreover, you are meant to consider the length or size of the vehicles to be parked to determine how long the wheel stops will be. Begin your search for the right company for getting the installation done today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]