What Type of Timber Flooring Is Most Suitable for Your Home?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Timber flooring is the most popular flooring used in modern homes. In the past timber, the flooring was the obvious choice. However, as time went by, new synthetic flooring materials were introduced, and as a result, timber flooring lost its taste as other carpeting and tiling options took over. Today, a new trend of decorating dates back into the basics. Sometimes nature is better, but most people may be wondering which timber flooring can serve them as well as their homes better. Here are some things to consider when selecting the type of timber for your flooring needs.

Needs of the Consumer:

There are several types of timber used for flooring. It is, therefore, upon the consumer to determine what they exactly need. For instance, oak flooring is popular because of its popular look that is very rich, and this makes a great addition to the home. There are other timber choices like bamboo, cedar, Victorian ash, Northern red, Ironwood Jarra, and many others. It is also a good idea for customers to consider the given choices because there are several great looks to choose from.

Timber Flooring Installation:

It is about not only timber but also the way the wood is installed in your home. First, there are floating floors, and this means taking oak floors and installing them on your existing floor regardless of what materials it is made of. This includes tiles particleboard concrete and many others. In this type of timber flooring in Brookvale  one will use underlay for controlling noise

Type of Timber:

Timber floors can be structural. This is, therefore, a typical type of oak flooring or timber flooring many people envision when they hear wood floors. The timber flooring is laid on joist bearers of the home. This can only be done by a professional and is a long process since the timber will need to be acclimated to the environment before it is laid down.


Timber flooring in Brookvale is available in diverse styles that make the installation process easy. There are tongue and groove floors as well as direct stick flooring options. Therefore, this gives the option of laying the floors in a pattern that fits your needs and the style to the best level. Most people prefer tongue and groove flooring; this helps in keeping the floor together, although they will be nailed.

Direct stick floors are also popular; this involves typically sticking the flooring in the correct way to the concrete slab of the home. There are different timber flooring options to select from for every home. Therefore, you should not settle for wood or timber flooring that does not fit your budget, style of your abilities.

Overall, you should carry out some research before settling for any timber flooring in Brookvale. This will help you to get the best flooring with an affordable budget and high standards of flooring materials. Timber flooring is finally making a comeback. Therefore it appeals to you; then, you should find the right timber for your home.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]