Make Your Living Room Cozier With Fireplace Ideas

fireplaces central coast

Cooler nights make us want to cozy up before the fireplace on the Central Coast. Coziness is not all about warm clothes; campfires and blankets to wrap around. It lies in the creation of a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at home in front of the living room fireplace on the Central Coast. This is where memorable moments are created and life is nurtured within the home. Fireplaces at Central coast are those spots that create memories that last a lifetime and bonding with family and friends over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. This article gives you ideas to ramp up the coziness around the fireplace and make your loved ones feel more welcome.

  • Lighting:

Central coast fireplaces are a paragon of comfort. Set up lighting that makes the space look cozy and exude warmth. Bright lights would only hurt the eyes and create a glaring appearance.  Additional lighting gives the space a boost of both the look and feel. Invest in lighting that can be easily adjusted according to the requirements. Overhead lighting transforms the fireplace space into one that is more intimate for romantic dinners, house parties, and gatherings.

  • Candles:

Scented candles lit up near the fireplace create a Calming effect. It is not only inexpensive but also an easy way to light up spaces. However, keep the candles away from open flame, fabric, wood, textiles, interior decor, flammable substances and other items that might cause fire mishaps.

  • Pillows:

Put in a couple of throw pillows to that loveseat or sofa before the fireplace on the Central Coast. It is an inexpensive way to add color and style to the interior decor. Use a blend of colors that are not too contrasting. With the right texture materials like that of knit fabrics,  woolen, faux fur, and other textiles, you can create the ideal fireplace atmosphere.

  • Blankets:

Blankets keep the user warm and increase the coziness. Colorful blankets add layers of comfort and vibrancy to a dull-looking fireplace space. You can choose plush blankets, knitted ones, drapes, flannels and more. There is a wide market for these online and at the local stores. Grab some of these blankets and curl up reading your favorite book or watching a movie before the fireplace.

  • Rugs:

Rugs have been a must-have requirement of every home that has a fireplace on the Central Coast. Thick fleece rugs have been a cozy trend over the years. Add sufficient rugs around the fireplace especially if you prepare to walk around barefoot. They not only keep your feet warm but are also a style statement.

  • The scent of Fresh baking:

The smells of fresh baking reaching your nose can evoke the warm feeling of home. Baking cookies, cakes, or even a fresh loaf of bread and eating them before the fireplace can forge lasting bonds. Scented candles, essential oils, and scent diffusers can also do the trick. Some of the best fragrance options are those of lavender, orange, cinnamon, apples, or a combination of several together.