What Is The Ideal Installation Height Of The Square Shower Head?

Gone is the time when the bathroom merely served its purpose and was just a functional space. Now, bathrooms don’t simply remain to be a space but something that adds value to your property and. It may take the elegance of your home, a level higher and make it more presentable to the guests who wish to have a peek of your home’s interiors. Designing a bathroom is not just about working on the interiors but you need to know the proper place and ideal installation height of the fixtures and fittings like a square shower head. 

The selection of the fixtures and fittings stands to be the initial part in the process of designing the bathroom and installing everything. The actual task is to select the appropriate height for the installation of these fixtures. The requirements vary from home to home and so does the ideal height of installation of the fixtures. For example, a home of only adults can have these fixtures installed at a higher height as compared to a home that has kids. This is because you have to keep everything accessible to the kids.

To make your bathroom planning easy, you will find a list of fixtures and their ideal installation height in this post. 

1. Bathroom Mirror 

The foremost need of every bathroom is a mirror, which has to be at a proper height. Although your preference decides the size and shape of your bathroom mirror but not the installation. If the bathroom is going to be used by kids, then the ideal height of its installation should be 4 feet. However, if the bathroom will be used by only adults then you can install the mirror a little higher, say at a height of around 5 feet to 6 feet. 

2. Square Shower Head 

The height of installation of the square shower head can be the same for a bathroom used by only adults or both, kids and adults. The showerhead must be installed at a height of more than 6 feet to allow the adults to stand straight while they take a bath. 

3. Vanity units 

Vanity units comprise an integral part of bathrooms, these days. You need to install a platform for keeping your essentials and makeup. The height of such a platform can be as low as 2 feet to offer convenience to the people who take a seat before applying their makeup. 

4. Towel rails 

The latest trend of heated towel rails in Sydney is being followed by every other person while planning the designing of a bathroom.

They can be installed near the shower area near the sink of your bathroom. If you are installing them near to the shower area then the ideal height of installation is more than 5 feet while if they are being installed near the sink, then the ideal height if 4 feet. 

5 .Sink 

Last but not the least, the ideal height of the installation of the sink of your bathroom is at a mark of 3 feet. Whatever may be the height of the person using it, this height is ideal always. You may lower the installation height for easy reach of young kids.