How are Marketing Jobs in 2020? Explained

Many of us hear jobs in marketing, and we see a lot of it on social media. Marketers are required. Working in marketing, you want high income, enter the world of marketing.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many of us hear jobs in marketing, and we see a lot of it on social media. Marketers are required. Working in marketing, you want high income, enter the world of marketing. Etc. So the best Mississauga SEO company will work on this topic to explain to you in detail.

Most of us may ask what this works? What is his nature? How can I succeed in doing that?

And all of these questions that have been raised in this period, especially with the development of technology and the emergence and development of the Internet and social networks that made it possible to work remotely from home and earn more money, and secure private work. In the last era, the age of our fathers and grandfathers, almost every man must learn what is called (workmanship) to guarantee his future life and that of his family and members of his family, because of the limited educational opportunities they have. Whereas in our present time there are many opportunities for learning and the percentages of learners have become great, which is the reason that led to the absence of the idea of ​​workmanship and the learner became looking for a job to work with and earn from it, but this job is so that we retire from it or lose it, we lose the source of income and so there is no secure future for people Nor their children or families. It is considered the work of this time is marketing, stock exchanges, and telecommuting through the creation of work and the source of income for each person.

What is marketing ???

It is an art in selling, and a way to display products, goods, and services in a way that attracts the consumer and the new customer to profit and doing private business. In our time, marketing has become of great importance, especially after the development of technology, social media, and the internet, so it has become much easier to work through reaching a larger group of customers with less time and with less cost. E-marketing has become the most important means and methods of marketing globally, as it attracts an unlimited number of customers.

There are many types of marketing, including:

Electronic marketing depends on setting priorities and achieving a balance between the two elements of supply and demand by communicating directly with customers, wherever they are and at any time. Among the most important points that help in the process of electronic marketing:

  • Behavioral advertising via the Internet: It relies on collecting information about the customer and his interests in certain types of goods via the internet and social media sites during a certain period.
  • Collaborative marketing environment: It depends on establishing and creating a collaborative environment between companies and electronic service providers to improve productivity.
  • Data-driven advertising: This is done by creating a database of customer demand and products.

Marketing activity:

It consists of four main elements identified by Professor Jerome Marc arty, who is called the Marketing Mix.

And all of them start with the letter P:

  • PRODUCT: This is what the market offers, especially the product, packaging, and set of services that a buyer gets when purchasing products.
  • DISTRIBUTION OR PLACE: The arrangements that make the product accessible to the consumer and reach the target market.
  • PROMOTION: Communication activities such as advertising, sales promotion, and reminding the target market of the existence of this product.

These elements were developed to become 7Ps instead of 4Ps, and they are as follows:

The human element (people): is the presence of the right employees in the right place in the company. 

Process: The process of packing or delivering a product or service. 

Physical evidence: It is about what people think of your product and does this product have a trademark?

Marketing strategies:

The best thing to follow in a product’s marketing process is marketing where you can sell the product to the consumer. If you are selling something online, the sale process is still personal and requires that the consumer be focused. In your business, you must start from a goal, and helping the consumer to overcome his pain or difficulty is a great goal. After we got to know the marketing strategy, we will learn about the elements of this strategy:

1 Blog:

The blog is one of the most well-known and used strategies to attract customers practically on the Internet, and to present scientific and high-quality content.

This is through blogs that answer multiple and frequently asked questions of customers.

2 SEO techniques:

It does not help that you have many blogs and different topics, and they do not reach the people who are interested in reading them and for this you need techniques to improve your site’s ranking in search engines for the page to appear within the first rank of searches.

3 Email Marketing:

There is an idea that email is not a marketing medium because in their view, no one is reading messages. But this is not the case especially if the messages have important content for people, not just product publicity. Create a newsletter and send your important product information to the people who email you on your page.


Social media is the most important component of marketing because it reaches all people and through which we can identify the target customers. This is through the posting of goods and products to be delivered to customers.

5 Video channels:

In our time and light of the spread of videos on various programs such as YouTube, this opens the door for advertising easily and beautifully by photographing videos of products, to explain products, for the company, ways to convince the consumer to prefer your products over others. In addition to advertising, the YouTube platform makes you a source of money by posting videos and bringing in many followers and likes.

6 Funded links:

When you place an ad for your product on social media, it can only reach people who liked your page. By funding this product, you can communicate it to everyone who has an interest in such published elements. When a topic similar to the subject of your product is searched for, your product is shown.

7 External media: television, radio 

When you want to deliver your product to consumers and customers abroad and you do not want to limit it to the country in which you reside, you have to resort to the international media. But we must not forget what the target audience is.


Whether your business is on the ground or the Internet online, organizing interactions and events to interact with your market is a great way to market your brand as well. So it is very important to establish events and events for other large companies that deal with it, as this will improve relations between the two parties further. And participates in events and events that contain an idea such as your business ideas.

9 Partnerships:

Establishing partnerships, especially in the field of electronic marketing, is an effective way to increase the scope of your knowledge, customers, and other major companies, such as exchanging blogging articles on other websites, and publishing and advertising each of the companies.

10 Promotional offers:

Create promotions to encourage people to buy from your products and bring in new customers, such as by offering prizes to more people who invite their friends, relatives, and acquaintances to like the page and see your products and purchase them. Now is the idea of ​​marketing clarified? What is a marketing strategy? How can marketing be done?