How To Get Best Durable Butyl Tapes?

The market offers a multitude of brands and types of double-sided tape. Type, width, fixing capacity, and indications for use are some characteristics to consider when purchasing butyl tape. There is a lot of price variation for the product, depending on the brand and model.

Best double-sided tapes: The ideal one for every situation

Double-sided butyl tape can have several uses. It is ideal for papers, posters, and rubber, as well as heavy materials such as wood, acrylics, glass, and mirrors. Therefore, choosing a product suitable for the material to be glued is essential. Check out this list with the selection of the best double-sided tapes – with support for cutting, to replace nails and screws, for external use, for crafts and 3D effect, etc.

Buying Guide of durable butyl tape

Gone is the time when sticking paper to the wall required the job of cutting and wrapping adhesive tape. Gone are the days when hanging a simple painting involved a whole mission with screws, drills, and dowels. Double-sided butyl tape today is capable of holding even heavy objects such as mirrors and watches. Continue with us to learn everything about this practical product, ideal for you to save time and practicality on a daily basis.

With support for cutting: The only one on the market that comes ready to use, without the protector on the back. Transparent guarantees a better finish and is “photo safe”, does not damage photo paper. The ribbon holder facilitates use, allowing easy cutting and not letting the ribbon tip get lost.

To replace nails and screws: Ideal for replacing nails and screws indoors. Permanently fixes paintings, mirrors, and decoration pieces. Because it is transparent, it is perfect for fixing objects on surfaces that display the applied tape, such as glass and acrylic.

For external use: Retire your tools with strong butyl tape. Hang signs, numbers, lamps, and more on walls and painted concrete, sealed wood, metals, and glass. Super easy to apply, resists climatic changes, avoids dirt and future repairs, as it is permanently attached.

For crafts and 3D effect: Ideal for decorative pieces, emboss effect on paper, cards, or invitations. It is also perfect for carrying out projects in 3D. With permanent fixation and high resistance, the butyl tape has easily detached technology, making it even more practical and easy to use.

Advantages of buying Butyl tape

Butyl tape is a type of adhesive tape that has an adhesive surface on both sides. Created more than 50 years ago, today it has new versions made of transparent gel plastic or adhesive foam. They have high adhesion and support a lot of weight, being able to replace nails and screws when fixing pictures, mirrors, and decorations.

And the number of advantages is even greater if you compare the Butyl tape with other methods of fixation or assembly. Easy to apply and remove, they have a wide variety of fastening capacity. Already considered the way of fixing the future, Butyl tape has been increasingly used in domestic and professional environments, as well as in industries.