6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Professional Translation in E-Commerce

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My Name is Daniel From Smylingua. We Provide Professional Translation Services of the Highest Standards to Increase our Customers’ Influence in the International market. 

Localization and Improved Customer Retention

What would you prefer?  A Translation that covers the entire literal meaning of what you’re reading or something that’s more culturally appropriate. A smart team of translators can create something that attracts the customers’ because they can relate to it, like banners, slang, and idioms unique to that language. That creates a feeling of familiarity within the customers creating a long-lasting impact and increases chances for conversions.  

Increase in Customer Base

Imagine you’re running a grocery store but you can’t talk to most of your potential customers because you don’t speak their language, it’s the same in the E-Commerce Industry. If your website is only in English then you‘re losing approximately 80% of internet users who are all linked to your success. Professional translation bridges this gap allowing complete market monopoly for your brand.

Segmenting Your Customers

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation about very specific topics with a foreign speaker and just never reached a conclusion? The same can be said about ecommerce customer queries. There is only so much of a language you can understand and to reply to hundreds of multilingual queries would be quite troublesome for anyone and we all know machine translators can’t understand the context of a query.

Translating Websites Boosts SEO

I’m sure you’ve all heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is the process of appearing in search engines after applying certain techniques. When you translate your site you increase your overall content and keywords. Literally, if you translate your site In 3 Languages you are tripling your content and keywords which help your results appear more often in SERPs like Google

Building a Trustworthy, Global  Brand

It’s Important that you are able to understand, communicate, and learn from your customers. Their feedback, reviews, comments, constructive criticism has to be taken into consideration. To analyze them and understand the customer’s concerns and use that to make improvements in your online presence and store is of utmost importance. The team of translators makes sure to keep you well-informed about these factors, which leads to the evolution of your online presence and the construction of a brand.

Value For Money

Professional Translation is a consistent and cost-efficient method of translation and localization. With them usually, translators are native speakers of each target language and, since they are located in that country, they are aware of cultural changes, new language terms and slangs. They can revise the content of you are not satisfied, whereas a machine translator gives one stagnant translation, take it or leave it. In addition, they keep the same tone and voice throughout all of your translated content for additional consistency. You also have a lower margin for error when you partner with a professional translation company and benefit from the techniques they utilize.

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