Facts That Determines the Eight Style For Above Counter Basins

above counter basins

From the past, you could almost be assured that you would be welcomed by plain white porcelain or a cast-iron sink when entering any bathroom. Those days have been long gone. You have a choice today, not only of materials but also of colour, texture, and shape. Above counter basins have become just as much a piece of art as the elegant works on display.

Above counter basins used to be exclusive designer picks before the style caught fire in the late 2000s. These attention-grabbing lavs are still very popular and can be a great option for homeowners looking to add some eye candy to their bathroom.

Above counter basin is a basin that sits at the top of the vanity countertop, compared to the traditional drop-in under the mounted sink. Glass and ceramics are the most common materials used to make counter basins. Still, there are many exotic finishes, such as natural stone, stainless steel, copper, marble, and even wood. If you have done some work, you have probably received mixed opinions of the above counter basins. Here are the facts that will help you determine if this style is right for you:



Perhaps the biggest advantage of the above counter basins is its wow factor. Above counter basins in the bathroom is a relatively new trend; it is not something you see in every bathroom. A well-chosen style dresses your bathroom like a piece of jewellery.


Above counter basins are much easier to install than traditional under-mounted sinks. What you need to do is cut a tiny hole on your screen. You can do this yourself and hold on to the extra money that you would otherwise have spent on paying the contractor.


Since they are easy to mount, you can change your above counter basins to upgrade your bathroom with a new look.

Improved Space Counter: 

While it is not much, you can gain a little more room underneath the sink’s surface, where the sink below the mount will usually be located. This is perfect when you have got a little ego.


above the counter, basins can make the room feel bigger because you will choose a vanity that is a few inches shorter to accommodate the basins extra height. This increases the space between the countertop and the ceiling, giving the illusion that your ceiling is higher. It is known that the vanity area is the focal point of the bathroom, and when building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, the vanity, the countertop, the sink, the mirror, and the related accessories need the most consideration.

If you are a conscious homeowner trying to incorporate something modern and timeless in your new bathroom, then the above counter basins are sure to be for you. However, if your bathroom is not shared with any small children and you want a truly unique art like the centrepiece of the sink is still the right choice for you. Like any bathroom fixture, there are a few choices you need to make to narrow your choices.