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Attract Good Vibes in Bathroom with these Vastu for Bathroom Principles


Today, bathrooms are far more important than they used to be in the early days. It is the space of a house where we unwind and flush out all our stress. They are now like sanctuaries, where you relax and unwind from the noise of your home. But, when renovating a house, the bathroom is the most neglected space in regard to form and design. It is the space of your house that has the potential to be the crucial transformative space, and hence it must be designed according to the Vastu norms. To make your bathroom space positive and inviting ensure to use the below mentioned Vastu for Bathroom.

Use Wooden Doors and Keep it Closed

Metal doors bring in negativity into the bathroom space, and hence it must be avoided. It always suggests installing wooden doors for the main entrance of the bathroom as it works better than metal doors and other materials. As per Vastu Shastra norms, metal doors bring negativity in the bathroom space, which may impact the health of the person who uses the bathroom. So, it is best to use only wooden doors for your bathroom. Moreover, look for Vastu for Doors and Windows to know the right direction for installing doors in your bathroom. 

When your bathroom is not in use, ensure to keep the doors closed. It is important because when kept open, it lurks negative energy and spread across the room and house. So, avoid keeping the bathroom door open even when you are not using the space.       

 Avoid Having Sharing Walls in Bathroom

Avoid sharing the bathroom walls with high footfall rooms. According to the Vastu Norms, the bathroom walls must not be shared with other important rooms of the house, including bedroom, kitchen and temple room. All these are high footfall rooms and considered the positive spaces of a house. But in compact homes and apartments, the en-suite bathrooms are constructed to share the walls with other rooms. You must change the position of the bed and ensure that it doesn’t recline against the bathroom walls. It will help you to keep the negative energy away from your bedroom. 

Correct Positioning of the Sanitaryware  

All the outlets except the commode must be positioned in the northern or eastern corners of the bathroom. Ensure to pay attention to the placement of the commode and ensure that it positioned in the north-west or west direction of the bathroom so that the waste and toxins are flushed out from the body efficiently and quickly. The shower area, shower, and washbasin must be positioned in north-east, eastern and northern corners of the bathroom. Besides, the water drainage system must be positioned in the same directions to ensure smooth movement of unhygienic wastes from the bathroom and facilitate the process of natural purification. 

Light Colour Hues for the Bathroom

According to the Vastu norms, light color hues and schemes are best for bathrooms and its illusion. So, the bathroom’s interiors must be painted according to Vastu norms using cream, browns, or beige color schemes. All earthy hues work best for the bathroom as it maintains the room like a sanctuary. Avoid using darker hues like black in the bathroom as it attracts negative energy and makes the space look small and compact. So, look for lighter alternatives when it comes to painting the interiors of the bathroom. 

Mirror Placement in Bathroom

Rectangular and square mirrors are always best for bathroom spaces, but the placement of the mirror is equally important. You must place the mirrors as per Vastu norms to ensure that space brings in positivity and attract good fortune. According to Vastu, the bathroom mirrors must be positioned in the eastern or northern walls of the bathroom. It ensures that the mirror is away from darkness and reflects the natural lighting. Choose square or rectangular mirrors and position them at least 5-6 feet (1.83 m) above the ground. 

Vastu for Bathrooms, when used correctly, ensure to fill the space with positive energy and allows the space to attract good health and well-being every day. So, next time when you renovate your bathroom, ensure to consider these Vastu principles for the bathroom to make it the space of positivity and well-being.  

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