Tips for Visiting National Parks in Australia

Australia is a continent that is filled with diversity. From coral reefs, red desserts, islands to vibrant cities, it is a dream destination for all travelers.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Australia is a continent that is filled with diversity. From coral reefs, red desserts, islands to vibrant cities, it is a dream destination for all travelers. Other than its multiculturalism, Australia is home to a variety of wildlife. You can find different types of birds, wild animals and marine species here. 

You get to explore majestic peaks, rainforests, scenic beauty, endless views of biodiversity and wilderness, and much more in the national parks. You can immerse yourself in an adventurous yet relaxing holiday here. But with so much to explore, it is possible to miss out on a few things that can prevent you from enjoying to the fullest.

So, Below Are Some Quick Tips To Tick Off Beforehand:

Tip 1. Get a Timed Entry Pass

Each national Park is managed by individual state governments and has different rules. That implies you cannot have a single entry pass/permit for all the national parks. These passes cover the expense of your entry only. You need to pay extra for camping activities.

While arranging entry pass, be mindful of:

  • Some states in Australia offer a single pass for all their National parks
  • You can check the Park’s website for up-to-date details
  • Choose a pass wisely according to your needs
  • When you plan for a long trip, passes prove to be very cost-effective

Tip 2. Enjoy a Thrill Ride in your RV

Try out the real adventure by traveling your RV! A recreational vehicle is a motor vehicle that has well-designed living facilities. RVs like caravans, camper vans, and motorhomes have fully-equipped beds and kitchen. You can have a spectacular and comfortable experience with just the right kind of camping accessories like awnings, annexes, shades and extensions.

While booking your campsite, be mindful of:

  • Before you go, book your campsite online and take out a printout
  • Some parks have in-built BBQ, hot & cold showers, toilets etc. Whereas, remote area campsites do not have such facilities

Tip 3. Best Time to Visit Australia

Australia is also known for its diverse weather conditions. Make sure you book your holiday at the right time of the year. As several national parks remain closed during a specific period. You can get detailed weather information on Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology website.

The right time to make a trip is:

  • North Australia: May – September
  • Middle Australia: Winter (June – August) or Spring (September – November)
  • Southern Australia: Summers or Early Autumn

Tip 4. Research & Plan your Itinerary

There are different kinds of activities permitted in different types of national parks in Australia. You need to plan your trip, depending on the kind of experience you want to have. Marine and National parks have strict rules than state parks. As they are highly regulated for protection.

The recreational activities allowed in:

  • Marine Parks: Permitted activities only like Boating, Whale Watching etc., perfect for water activities
  • National Parks: Bird Watching, Swimming, Camping in specific areas, limited Biking on trails, perfect for a peaceful trip
  • State Parks: Camping in more areas, Riding Dirt-bikes, Campfires, perfect for a big group trip

 You can check the Park’s website and signage to get a quick glimpse of the permitted activities.

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