Are you going to clear IAS Prelims by Studying 100 Days?

There must be a few questions that have got to be running in your mind: How do you have to steel oneself against UPSC prelims in 100 days?


If yes, then you’re preparing using the proper resources!

There must be a few questions that have got to be running in your mind: How do you have to steel oneself against UPSC prelims in 100 days? How do you have to strategize? What are the books you ought to read to urge the utmost advantage? How do you have to practice with the mock exams? How are you able to prioritize your time?


A complete Action Plan for Prelims Preparation: Day 1 – Day 30

  • Make a timetable, which suits your requirement. We propose a thought which has 9-hours dedicated to studies each day . If you dedicatedly study for 9 hours, confirm that you simply give 1 hours to each subject for revision. Once you’re through the themes, you’ll dedicatedly give 2 hours to clear the exam.
  • confirm notes and mind maps, if you encounter a difficult concept. confirm that you simply revise what you’ve got the previous day every quarter-hour before you begin for the subsequent day.
  • You weekends must include time for revisions and mock test papers
  • Taking one 1 mock exam every day means you’ll cover all 40 mock exams in 40 days!
  • And you’ve got enough time, you’ll also take 2 mock exams /day which will assist you cover 40 mock exams in 20 days! With this, you’ll be ready to learn 4000+ questions and 4000+ important concepts which would make an enormous difference.

A complete Action Plan for Prelims Preparation: Day 31 – Day 60

  • Avoid spending an excessive amount of time on the other resources aside from what we discussed above, as you would possibly be confused and can start forgetting the items that you simply have already prepared.
  • Don’t spend quite 1 hour on news reading.

A complete Action Plan for Prelims Preparation Day 61 – Day 90

  • Keep analysing your progress and mistakes
  • Keep improving with each mock test.
  • Revise our NCERT based mock exams again. Whenever you would like a reference, you’ll return and skim the corresponding portion that’s provided within the NCERT books.
  • Instead of specializing in just giving mock exams, confirm that you simply spend sufficient time on analysing the results, learning, and checking your performance reports.

A complete Action Plan for Prelims Preparation: Day 91 – Day 100

  • within the final 10 days, you ought to be doing the following:
  • Revise your Mock Exams several times, UPSC Question Papers, and prepare your notes properly
  • You must complete and revise all previous years Prelims Online Mock Exams in your account.
  • Revise the notes that you simply already made for Prelims.
  • Avoid going behind new materials or mock questions, and specialise in the recommended items that we discussed above.
  • specialise in the core areas in order that you’ll answer the utmost questions. (For example, Executive/Legislature/Judiciary just in case of Indian Polity, Maps within the subject.

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