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Types of gutter guards for your home


Gutter guards permit rainwater to enter into the gutter, and at the same time, it keeps tree debris in the form of blossoms, twigs, and leaves from clogging your clutter. Gutter guards play an essential role, and it preserves the structural integrity of your home by channelling away rainwater, to maintain it properly you need to clean the clogged leaves, moss, dead animals and other debris. Blocked gutters no longer drain water, the water pools created around your foundation as a result. The gutter guards help to avoid the clogged particles and in this article take a look at different types of gutter guards.

What are gutter guards?

The gutter guard is the easiest way to prevent clogging; it filters out debris so that water passes through the gutters. You don’t have to clean out gutters every time, and this protective mechanism can help to save time and effort. Gutter guards help to say goodbye to blockages and untimely gutter repairs.


The gutter guard comes in various materials and differs in their strengths and features. Know what type of gutter guard installation maximizes the lifespan of your roof and home.

1)Mesh gutter guard:

The gutter mesh is made of metal sheets and its feature is tiny holes. The gutter mesh contains hundreds of tiny holes, and it plays an excellent job in keeping out tiny debris while drawing in.  The gutter mesh installed on many types of gutters and roofs, and many homeowners find them as an appealing choice. The guard mesh is an excellent choice as it consists of a support frame and a filtering mesh material. It is a robust and the best gutter protection product in the market.

2) Bottlebrush gutter guards:

The bottle brush gutter guards are pretty and look like wire cleaning brushes. They are cylindrical. When installing this type of gutter guard, make sure to clean your gutters first. These types of the gutter guard do best by filtering out large debris such as leaves etc. This gutter guard allows air to circulate to help the gutters dry out and it prevents rust. 

3) Screen gutter guards:

The screen gutter guards are affordable and widely available; they are made of metal or plastic. This type of gutter guard is easy to install. The screen gutter guard is a good choice if you have old brittle shingles.

4) Foam gutter guards:

The foam is inserted in the gutter; this type of gutter guards fit inside your gutters. The foam gutter guard contains pores to allow only water to penetrate and block all debris from entering. This type of gutter guard installed by yourself, and made of polyether or polyurethane foam.

5) Reverse curve gutter guards:

Reverse curve gutter guards are over one hundred years old. To improve the function various manufactures made changes in reverse curve gutter guards.

Final thoughts:

For perfect gutter guard protection, advise you to pick gutter guards that strike a balance between price and usability. The gutter mesh is known for its durability, and if you plan to buy, get the gutter mesh, it is a sound investment. In this article, I discussed the types and features of the gutter guards. 

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