How to Select the Architectural Hardware Sydney

A great way to spruce up your doors and windows is to add architectural hardware. The architectural hardware Sydney will add style and give your home a traditional feel. The architectural hardware should be fashionable, durable and provide aesthetically pleasing. It improves your home’s personality and selecting the right door handles and locks is a great way to give your home a new look. The right architectural hardware increases the value of your home. 

The important things to consider choosing the door handle and lock:

The Style:

Choose the door handle that is well designed. Consider choosing the style of your door handle and accessories that matches the same style of your home decoration. If your design is classic choose classic hardware to match the same style. It is modern then you have to go to the modern style of hardware. 

Front door security:

Most of the robberies happen easily due to the lock and the door handles are not strong enough or durable. If the lock is not durable the burglars can smash it easily when they are hit by a heavy object. For front door safety you have to choose more strong structure locks and handles. The architectural hardware Sydney ensures the door safety and security. 

Lever or knob:

On the use of the door, the lever or knob is to be chosen. For ease of use, you can use levers because it is easier for adults, kids and people with disabilities.


You have to choose the lock, handle or knob based on the functionality. 

For example:

  • Passage door – You need to use the non-locking door. 
  • Front door – You need an entry set (handle and lock with key).
  • Bedroom and bathroom – You need a keyed knob or lever.

Door accessories:

You can complete the whole look of your door by selecting some complementary door holders with the help of architectural hardware Sydney. The door accessories such as stops, doorbell, viewers, coat hooks, switch plates, door knockers and house or flat numbers.

Type of finish and ensuring continuity:

There are several finishes available. The flat finishes such as matt with black being a current favourite. The original appearance is maintained by the antique brass and antique nickel finishes. The antique finishes will exhibit variation in colour and shade. 

The environment and type of material:

The architectural hardware Sydney has to be able to withstand the weather elements such as humidity and salt. In a warm-coloured home, door hardware in brass or antique bronze may look better. Go for handles with a micronized finish where satin chrome is generally more resistant to corrosion than brushed nickel. The door hardware needs to be long-lasting and remain operable for as long as you need it.


When selecting the hardware, always prefer the warranty. The architectural hardware Sydney offer very best warranties. 

The budget:

Before selecting these accessories you need to consider your budget. If you are not putting a very high budget you have to start with the priorities first then the other things.

Bottom line:

Start choosing your architectural accessories carefully that suits your home decoration needs and improves functionality. When buying you need to consider the hardware durability, operational ease, and post-operational issues, warranty and requirement. The choice of accessories directly relates to the performance of the door or window. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]