What Are The Different Types Of EPDM Foam Tapes Available In The Market?

The foam tapes are an integral part of our lives. having any idea what our lives would have been without these foam tapes. Foam tapes are mainly used in the industrial sector and also even at home for crafts and many other activities. Usually, the foam tape is a soft and a bit thick cushion type tape with the adhesive on the inner side of the tape. This feature makes it super easy to apply on the surfaces you wish to stick together. It is important to note that there are numerous types of foam tapes available in the market for you to choose one from. You have the ultimate powers to select the best kind of foam tape as per your requirements and the purpose in which you intend to use that. EPDM Foam Tape is one of the excellent bets you can ever get.   

EPDM foam tapes are one of the tape types that pack unlimited benefits and features in it. EPDM foam tapes or foam rubbers are basically used in applications that require extreme compressibility. Firstly, a control panel is opened for maintenance checks and inspections. After each maintenance inspection, these control panels are immediately closed.  

And in these situations, the need and importance of EPDM foam tapes come into the picture. The areas that get enormously benefitted from the EPDM foam tapes include the instrument of the water heater or the geyser, automotive system enclosure, wood sealed apertures, and even glass apertures.   

The Performance Review of The EPDM Closure Tapes :   

The control panels are in the form or shape of the strips. These strips incorporate curved surfaces in it.   

These tapes provide protection against the below-mentioned points :   

  • Steam.  
  • Water  
  • Moisture  
  • Fine grains.  
  • The fungal penetrants  
  • Vibrational energies.   

And many more things.   

Let us now have a look at all are the different categories of foam available in the market  

  • The first one is an open-cell foam. It includes urethane foam, polyether urethane, polyester urethane, microcellular available cell sponges, felt, sponger rubber, melamine foam, and polyimide foam.   
  • The next one in the category is closed cell foam or non-porous foams. This category widely includes silicon foams, PVC foams, cross-linked PE foams, neoprene sponge blends, EPDM foam blends, Cork, and Nitrile sponge blends.   
  • The last but not the least category of foam tapes is solid rubber. This category includes natural rubber, Santoprene, butyl rubber, SBR, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, buna nitrile, and neoprene rubber.  

All the different types of foam tapes are ideal for various other types of applications. Each one has an individual purpose of solving, and it is essential for you to identify the particular set of goals to get your things sorted without any hassle or tension.   

Usually, the foam tapes are used in :  

  • Electronics,  
  • Shower,  
  • Bath,  
  • Truck,  
  • Window Fabrication,   
  • Plastic moulder 
  • Window fabrication.  

Conclusion :  

The use of foam tapes is an inevitable element in the world of adhesive. I hope this article would have helped you identify different types of foam tapes available in the market for you to choose the best one from precisely as per your requirements, needs and wants.