How SEO and PPC Can Bring More Traffic When Used Together?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While many people view SEO and PPC as separate strategies, the two can be extremely effective when used together. A coordinated SEO and PPC strategy can prove to be a much more successful search strategy. An SEO and PPC agency in Singapore has got much expertise in creating strategies for the online branding of your company.

Search engine organization is a method to increase a site’s organic traffic with enhanced visibility and site authority. Alternatively, pay-per-click advertising generates traffic through carefully targeted adverts in search engines and social, other popular online destinations.

Though both are way different from each other, PPC services provider in Singapore can make SEO and PPC feed each other with vital information for improved performance.

Several benefits of SEO and PPC combination


Maximizing SERP coverage: Added exposure on the SERPs or search engine results pages is the most common benefit of combined SEO and PPC efforts. It helps you have to dominate organic and paid search results that greatly increase traffic. An SEO agency in Singapore also gives an impression of you being an established presence in a particular market, as it combines PPC strategy.


Elevated brand awareness: PPC lends a consumer to a page where s/he learns about a business and its offerings. S/he might then explore the site further for a better gauge of the brand. In other instances, s/she might get distracted, so bounce from the page. But, in the overall process, the customer becomes aware of the company and its offerings through the PPC advert.

This can lead to more traffic in the future, even if the prospects do not immediately convert. This way, PPC helps generate awareness for a business.    


Share Keyword Data: Keywords play a major role in generating traffic. When we simultaneously run organic and PPC campaigns, that gives us double the data to analyze. We just need to determine which organic and PPC keywords carry the highest conversion rate. And we can use that information for the optimization of our overall strategy.

It is highly recommended to contact a reputed PPC agency in Singapore, so you drive huge traffic to your site.


Test Strategic Organic Keywords with PPC: PPC ads greatly help to refine organic keyword strategy.  As the long term organic keyword strategy evolves, you can test the conversion rate of the words you wish to rank for with PPC ads. This will give you immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the organic keywords that you’ve been after. And then, you can fine-tune the strategy accordingly.


SEO plus PPC = increased search engine presence: We all understand that SEO helps us with a better chance to rank on the first page, or even in the first position. This is for one or more keywords that we are targeting. When we purchase and use PPC ads for the same keyword with a high enough bid, it allows our ad to appear near the top of the page when a person searches for that keyword.

Now, doing both things at the same ensures that our brand dominates the search results. That’s when we optimize our website as well as purchase PPC advertising. This helps us have better chances at capturing the valuable clicks.


Contact SEO services in Singapore to experience the varying benefits of using SEO and PPC together.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]