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Vinyl Cutter

A Brief Description Of Vinyl Cutter

A vinyl cutter is nothing but a computer-controlled machine. They resemble general printers. But, the difference is that vinyl cutters have a blade to cut the design into materials. You need to install software into your computer and then you need to export it to the vinyl cutter to get the desired design. They are well known as craft cutters. High-quality vinyl cutters can cut designs not only on garments but also on paper, cardstock, tissue paper, reflective, thermal transfer material, and so on. Few cutters can emboss designs on wood and aluminum too. You can put your imagination into reality with the help of a vinyl cutter and can make various objects such as stickers and labels, home decor, 3D objects, car wraps, T-shirts, cushions, mug transfers, cards, invitations, and many more. It is used for residential and commercial purposes. Residential purposes are fulfilled by hobbyists and commercial purposes are fulfilled by businessmen who cater to the demand of their clients. Vinyl cutters are used by a number of business units such as decal designers, signage, home decor, custom apparel brands, vehicle sticker brands, small craft fans, and so on. There are two kinds of vinyl cutter machines.

Let’s take a look at the distinction between electronic and manual die vinyl cutters:

Electronic cutters are used for cutting large designs whereas manual ones are used for smaller footprints. Electronic vinyl cutters are best suited for intricate and complicated designs as compared to manual. Manual cutters need not use software to imprint designs whereas electronic cutters need to connect computers along with suitable software. An electronic vinyl cutter is costlier than manual cutters. An electronic cutter is quick to use and works more efficiently whereas manual cutters are suitable for beginners.


The main limitation of using vinyl cutters is that it can cut shapes from solid colors of vinyl. In multiple colored designs, each color is required to be cut separately and it has to be layered on top of the other like applying layers onto a substrate. You can use it personally buying your vinyl cutter but it may result in strenuous work so it will be more advisable to give orders for printing to the suitable business houses as they will take a contract for bulk production and it will be cheaper for them to do the task as it will incur less cost of production to them. Also, these business houses will help you to finish the work in a stipulated time without any delay so that you can concentrate on other tasks. Manufacturers engaged in heat transfer vinyl works owns a huge number of vinyl cutters as they have huge orders of heat transfer vinyl printing. One should not confuse the vinyl cutter with a heat press machine. Vinyl cutter cuts the design out of vinyl whereas heat press machines help us to transfer the design to a garment or any other item. You can take more ideas about vinyl cutter surfing online.