Hybrid Flooring Miranda: Reasons For Being So Popular

hybrid flooring Miranda
hybrid flooring Miranda

A pioneering flooring option composed of several blended materials is known as hybrid flooring. These blended materials are a combination of plastic, wood, and limestone. In the year 2019, hybrid flooring Miranda entered the market & has been steadily rising ever since in terms of popularity. It is water-resistant, durable, fashionable, and affordable, making it the best flooring option & potentially surpassing traditional timber. It is also known as hybrid laminate flooring or hybrid vinyl flooring. As hybrid flooring has several benefits, it is known as the future of flooring. This innovative flooring option gives you the scope to enjoy the look of natural timber without much maintenance & cost. 

Layers in Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring is made with plastic mixed with limestone or wood & pressed tightly together into several layers. The layers of hybrid flooring Miranda are as follows: 

UV coating or the protective layer is resistant to scratches.

The aesthetic layer is designed to match authentic timber’s realistic style and textures.

The core layer features a limestone composite core board designed to be durable against severe temperature changes and waterproof.

Pre-adhered layer backing delivers underfoot comfort, and installation is super easy.


The hybrid flooring Miranda is resistant to wear of high foot traffic and is an ideal flooring option for commercial and residential purposes. This type of flooring is 100% water-resistant and temperature resistant. Though it is resistant to scratches, it will scratch under cleaning, furniture placement, etc. You must be well aware and ensure to take the necessary steps in such a situation. If you have been looking for a pet-friendly flooring option, then hybrid flooring is the one-stop solution. 

Cleaning is easy

Like all floors, hybrid flooring Miranda requires routine cleaning to keep the floor look at its best. Regular vacuuming and mopping with water to clean any dirt on the floor can be done. As hybrid floors are 100% resistant to water, you can clean with water regularly without thinking twice, as there is no fear of water seepage like a traditional timber floor.

The installation of hybrid flooring is not a daunting task. Thus installation is easy and quick. Individual planks of hybrid floors can be repaired, replaced, or removed. Generally, the maintenance and installation of a hybrid floor are unprecedented. 

Sustainable and affordable

When you think of opting for hybrid flooring, stay assured that this type is more affordable than engineered timber flooring. In the short term, the simple installation makes this flooring option one of the cheapest savings on cost and labour. When it comes to repairing, it can be done on individual planks without removing the entire. It is the hybrid flooring that delivers a stunning look that is similar to traditional hardwood. 

As hybrid flooring makes a beautiful addition to any room in business or home, some rooms are particularly suitable. Rooms that are at risk of unexpected spills, high traffic, high level of exposure to the sun, or high levels of moisture will certainly benefit from the resistant features of hybrid flooring.