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How To Deal With Cavities Effectively

Small holes in the teeth called cavities are brought on by decay. They develop when acids erode the tough surface of teeth.

The enamel, which is the tooth’s surface and outer layer, is where tooth decay begins. It eventually reaches the dentin, the innermost layer of the tooth. Currently, a cavity is starting to form.

A cavity is a hole in your tooth, thus not treating it will simply cause the hole to get larger. As soon as you observe any symptoms of a cavity, you should begin treatment.

Here are some ways a dentist in Maroubra can assist you in getting rid of cavities.

  • You will receive a filling if you have a minor cavity. A filling can be used to treat a cavity if you catch it early enough, according to a dentist. Your best dentist in Maroubra will first numb your mouth so you won’t be able to feel anything before using glass, quartz, or metal filling to repair the damage to your tooth. It should alleviate any oral pain or discomfort and prevent your cavities from growing worse.

  • You might require a root canal when a cavity reaches the interior of the tooth. For serious cavities that have eaten through the outer layer of enamel, root canals are typically reserved.

  • Your best dentist in Maroubra will numb your mouth during this operation to make it painless before removing the infected pulp using a little drill. The hole will then be filled with a filler.

  • Your tooth might need to be extracted if it is severely decayed. Unfortunately, if your cavity is severe enough, your dentist may need to fully remove the tooth after numbing your mouth. Additionally, you might be able to have an implant to replace your missing tooth, and it shouldn’t hurt.

How to Avoid Cavities?

Knowing how to avoid cavities will help to ensure that you don’t need to return for a filling.

  • You must use fluoride-containing toothpaste to thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice a day if you want to prevent cavities. Avoid making it a habit to frequently consume sugary snacks like hard candies and other such foods.

  • When you eat, food particles get stuck between your teeth. Cavities may develop if the debris is not cleaned. The best method for getting rid of food particles from in between the teeth is to floss or use an interdental cleaning every day.

  • Only a dentist or a dental X-ray can find many cavities. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing cavities.

  • In order to protect the biting surfaces of the back teeth, dental sealants are used. The sealant shields the tooth from bacteria and plaque, preventing the development of a cavity.


A cavity is a hole in your tooth, thus if you ignore it, the hole will only enlarge. You can get rid of a cavity with the aid of a dentist in Maroubra. Maintaining good oral health requires routine dental exams and cleanings.