emergency denture repairs

Do’s And Don’ts Of Emergency Denture Repairs.


It is very common for dentures to be damaged by accident, even for those who are extremely careful with their dentures. Dropping dentures can cause cracks, chips, or breakages. Dentures can wear down over time due to routine activities like chewing, talking, pressure, etc. Your dentures can also get damaged if you consume hard foods. It is possible for old dentures to crack, and artificial teeth can also loosen and fall out over time.


Maintaining good oral health by keeping your dentures in good condition is crucial if you wear dentures. If dentures are broken or poorly fitted, they can cause major problems and are costly to fix. Here’s how to get emergency denture repairs if it wearies out.


In the event that your dentures break, here are the steps to take immediately.


  1. Assessing the damage to the breakage is the first step. When it comes to fixing your dentures, then the denturist is usually the best option. Nevertheless, some people might choose to get an emergency denture repair kit.
  2. Your denturist should be contacted immediately if the dentures need urgent attention. No matter what, follow your denturist’s instructions.
  3. Denture repair kits need to be labelled as safe for dental work if you opt to use one. 
  4. There are several DIY emergency denture repair ideas available on the internet that use household products to fix your dentures, but do not try to fix your dentures using home adhesives. By doing so, you can seriously damage your teeth and dentures.


Considering the urgency of your situation, what are your options for emergency denture repair?


  • Mail-in denture repair: For effective emergency denture repair, mail-in services are available. For this to happen, you must first purchase denture repair services. Your dentures should then be cleaned and disinfected. Once you have packed your dentures securely, you will need to mail them to your denture clinic. You’ll receive priority shipping back to you after your dentures are repaired the same day.
  • Same-day walk-in: Denture clinics offer same-day emergency denture repair services that allow you to have your dentures repaired right away. The services include repairing broken partial clasps, replacing dentures, repairing cracked dentures, and relining dentures.
  • Relining: The dentures you wear may begin to change over time, and you may have to use adhesive to get them to position correctly. You may also experience gradual changes in your gums and soft tissues. Your denturist should be contacted if these changes start affecting the way your dentures fit.
  • Adjustments: In some cases, your denturist may be able to adjust your dentures to give them a better fit if they need to be repaired. In most cases, dentures must be adjusted slightly to function properly again.


What not to do when repairing dentures?


  • Fixing your dentures with superglue: A solution based on superglue cannot be sustained in water since it dissolves in it. Using it in large quantities can be toxic.
  • Repairing dentures with household glues: Those chemicals react badly with the dental ceramic used in dentures and can damage them. There is also the possibility that they are poisonous.
  • Ignoring your dentist’s advice: When your dentures break, you need to have them repaired immediately. Hence, you should never ignore your dentist’s appointment or ignore their advice.