frameless shower screens

Frameless Shower Screens: The New Way To Catch A Quick Shower.

There are many ways to get ready for the day, but few are as refreshing as a quick shower. Whether you’re in a hurry or just need a moment to relax and let go of your worries, a shower is a great way to start the day. To make this experience more enjoyable, install frameless shower screens in your bathroom. A frameless shower screen is a perfect upgrade that will make your bathroom complete. It’s also the perfect opportunity to redecorate your bathroom and bring it into the 21st century. 


They are sleek, modern, frameless glass screens with many different finishes that let light filter through. Even better: You don’t have to replace your entire wall or ceiling with them! You can simply retrofit your existing tub or shower by installing these frameless shower screens instead of regular framed ones.

What Are Frameless Shower Screens?

Frameless shower screens are made of glass, not metal or plastic. This makes them simple to clean and maintain. A frameless shower screen is a type of shower enclosure with no frame. It simply consists of two pieces of glass that come together at the top and bottom, with silicone in between to seal them into place. This allows for more light to filter through than a framed shower enclosure would allow. They also have a sleek, modern look that’s perfect for updating your bathroom.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens

Modern and Sleek Design

Frameless Shower Screens will add a personal style statement to help you find the right fit for any bathroom decor. You can also go with frosted or tinted glass instead of clear glass to add a unique aesthetic to your bathroom. Additionally, you can choose the hardware, such as the door handles, to match the style of the rest of your bathroom.

More Spacious Look

A bathroom can sometimes feel cramped with so much going on inside. Adding a Frameless Shower Screens will make it feel much more spacious. This can be especially important if you have limited space in your bathroom. Frameless Shower Screens will help create the illusion of more space, which is why they’re often used in bathrooms that are smaller.

Watertight Seal

Frameless Shower Screen will act as a barrier between your shower space and the rest of the bathroom. It prevents water from splashing all over, keeping it contained within one designated area, which in turn helps keep accidents at bay!

Maintain Hygiene

As Frameless Shower Screens trap water from leaking out, you won’t have to worry about mouldy surfaces or bacteria breeding on your walls. This will help you to maintain a hygienic bathroom, which is important for everyone.

Ease of Cleaning

The frameless Shower Screen is easy to clean and maintain as it is made out of glass. You can use a squeegee or mop to wipe away any dirt and grime, which will make your bathroom look great in no time at all!


The frameless Shower Screen is a great choice for any bathroom, whether you’re renovating or building from scratch. There are plenty of benefits to installing one in your home, so you can spend more time enjoying your bathroom than worrying about it!