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At, our goal is to boost participation in every part. Ranking in top search engines cannot be accomplished overnight. It needs a lot of dedication and hard work. Guest posting on will help in driving traffic to your website, blog or business, gain exposure and also share your article to a large range of bloggers, students and enthusiasts and anyone who loves reading. Let us discuss how to get started. 


Guidelines for article submission at

The length of the article should be a minimum of 400 words.

Contents should be spell checked, unique and make sense.

We will not accept spin articles. 

Promotional or affiliate links will not be approved. 

Structure your article into paragraphs along with subtitles and headings. 

The article should be related to any of the blog categories of the website.

Do not insert any contact details.

The article can have 2 unique keywords. 

The title of the post should be unique and bold. 

We permit 1 Do-follow link per post.

Before submitting the contents, edit and proofread.

Offensive content/explicit content to the community will not be accepted.


General guidelines reserves the right to publish or not to publish in the website.  

The articles published on this website are for information motive only. 

The opinions and views of the published articles are solely authors. It does not showcase the views of the team. 

The information shared is for entertainment or educational purpose only. 

Article with a keyword density of more than 3% will not be approved. Ensure to use the keyword in the proper context to avoid rejection. 

The title should not have a URL, HTML tag or author name.

Ensure not to use too much punctuation in the title like ??? or !!!. It would not make any impact than single ? or !. 

The title should be written in Title Case (the first letter should be in the capital) and not in CAPS. 

It is optional to include Article Signature. If you are adding, it should be 200 words. 

We permit to include about 3 hyperlinks in the resource box section. 

The author’s name should be a real name. 

We value the user’s security and ensure their information is safe. We do not support phishing scams and associated attempts for the safety of our users.

The link to the article should be written in the right format.  For instance- is wrong. The right format is

We do not permit to re-submit already published articles again. If the article has the same content with words rephrased or changed, we will not publish the content. 

When you are inserting anchor text links, take sufficient care. Ensure not to link to common words. It should go with the subject of the article. Therefore, it should be selected wisely. We will reject articles that contain misleading anchored links. 

We will not publish articles that have information associated with retrieving or cracking passwords, hacking illegally, etc. 

We do not publish articles that have movie download links, video streaming or links to recently released movies. It also includes illegal movie downloads. 

Give honest and unique work. It means the article should not have been published anywhere before including on your own website. 

Ensure to maintain the sentence length of about 20 to 25 words.

Use transition phrases or words about 30 percent in a single sentence. 

Try avoiding passing voice and frame your article in the active voice for a quick approval.

Use subheadings, headings, bullets wherever necessary and appropriate.

Make a clear, strong argument supported by details, examples along with information associated with your content.

We do not allow backlinks in the first paragraph or sentence of the article. It should not be aiming to sell services, products or affiliate links. If it contains, we will take it is a promotional article.

The outgoing links should be associated with the content. 

If the link is irrelevant, promotional or dead, we will remove the link.

Do not stuff keywords in the content.

If the Do-Follow links are associated with Adult, Gambling or Casino website, we will not publish on our website.


If you accept these guidelines, you can write and share your guest articles to us. If you are facing any issues while account creation or article submission, reach us through the contact form. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]